Who wants crack in the morning?

I went to my local Holiday gas station in search of an energy drink this morning. I am not a fan of Rockstar, Amp, or Monster because of high fructose corn syrup (I try to limit that stuff in my body. Read up on it..nasty), so I looked for something different.

Up in the corner of the cooler was a small blue bottle with “REDLINE” emblazoned on the front. I picked one up and went to my car. Eneregy drinks these days are so unpredictable, so I decided to read the label. I guess REDLINE is the rocket fuel of energy drinks. According to the label, you should only drink half the bottle at a time and never drink more than one bottle per day. I assume if you DID drink more than one bottle, REDLINE may have a lawsuit if you ever dropped from orbit. I drank half the bottle and within minutes had an energy rush of epic proportions. AWESOME! About four hours later, I also had a crash of epic proportions. NOT AWESOME!

If I ever need to save the world, I know which drink will be by my side. Until then, you can try it for yourself and at your own risk.

No communication today from any readers, but feel to drop me a line. Until tomorrow, I hope you all have peace in your lives.

Happy Brithday to my friend Dave tomorrow too!