Another response

Kevin in North Carolina wrote:

I agree with Jennifer. I think sometimes people make decisions because they feel they have to and when they look back, they realize they should have “taken the other path”. I don’t think it’s too late to ever go back. I took a contractual job in Boston that I ended up hating. I bought out the contract and headed back here to NC and I am with a company I love. It pays less money, but it allows me to do what I enjoy. I could have “stuck with” Boston because I signed the contract, but I think I made the right decision coming back, and so does my wife.

Life is full of challenges. Some are hills and some are mountains. The hills are easy to beat, but if we stop at the mountains instead of tackling them head on, we’ll never make it through. Whatever this decision is that is being regretted, take a step back and think about what really matters. Think about what really makes you happy and you will have your answer. If your brain tells you you screwed up and you feel like you screwed up, you probably did. It’s never too late to fix it though.

Love the site man, keep it up.


Thanks Kevin