New question

Can you miss someone without wanting to see/be with them?


Today’s question, a response..

Jim from Minnesota wrote:

To think that two people are going to enter a relationship and NOT change who they are is ridiculous. A relationship is a union in which 2 people are becoming one existence. You get to know someone, you change small parts of who you are as you learn and grow together. It’s part of the personal growth part of the relationship. If you refuse to change, you have more issues than just being stubborn…you are more than likely non-committal. Run away from those types. I know this from experience.

Thanks Jim

A new day

I couldn’t sleep well with a bruised forehead. It gave me time to do more thinking.

A question for you today:

1. Do you think it is possible for two people to enter a relationship and stay exactly who they are, or is a relationship supposed to be a “melting” of two people in some ways?


I was almost carjacked tonight. I fought him off and broke his arm. I have some forehead bruising and a bruised hand. I will be okay. If you’d like to see pics, email me and I will send you my Facebook link.