I don’t know why, but rainy days make me feel cuddly.

Jean wrote in:


You seem like such a great guy. I would hope that you are able to move on from your relationship. This ex of yours obviously doesn’t know a good thing when she’s got one. I know a TON of women that would die to have a guy like you. Let her suffer the consequences of her bad decision and don’t even bat an eye when she comes crawling back.

(Seriously though, I have a few friends that think you seem like a great guy.)


Thanks Jean. I am not a cold person. I do think she made a bad decision, but it was hers to make and I’ll never hold that against her.

We all make bad decisions in life. Whether that leads to a DWI, a broken heart, addiction, or a trip to the hospital, we all must learn from our mistakes and grow as individuals. A bad decision isn’t the end of that path, it’s just a new “fork in the road” and we must decide how to get back on the right path. Find yourself and deep down, you’ll make the right decision.

I am off to work. Omaha in two days!