Pics part 1

Des Moines Iowa at 70mph.

I took this picture after dinner the second night.

The salad had a raspberry vinaigrette, asparagus, and mandarin oranges on it. Wow.

My amazing pasta. The restaurant lighting was set somewhere between “mood lighting” and “blackout”.

This tiny little Iowa town is the birthplace of John Wayne.

Ozone. Well, a napkin from Ozone.

Kris and Amy

We were outside on the porch. In March. Not freezing. Beautiful outer patio with removable windows.

Wash that down with a 10 inch spicy bloody mary. It practically had a salad on top of it (which I ate first).

Sushi. Caterpillar, Bama, and California roll. Delicious.

Nicole and Kris

Nicole and Amy, complete with inappropriate touching.

Ozone’s crowd. It got even more packed once they started playing.