A call..

So I got a call last night from a woman I’d dated about 10 years ago. It was a really good phone call.

She and I met when I first moved to Minnesota. I helped her get out of an abusive relationship and we started dating shortly thereafter. We didn’t work out for many reasons, but I blame myself mainly. I wasn’t emotionally available because I didn’t know where I’d end up after school. She is married to a great guy now (I know him), and has a great career.

Anyway, she and I talked about some of the questions I’d asked former girlfriends. She said I’d done a really good thing for her by getting her out of her abusive relationship and showing her that there are good people in the world. I helped get her on the right track. She also said that I was everything that her ex at that time wasn’t, which helped her realize that she didn’t have to be trapped in the relationship she was in.

She stated that I wasn’t undateable and that she always hoped I’d find happiness. I filled her in on the current state of things, and we chatted more. I’ve changed so much since then, but she did her best to give me honest answers based upon the person I used to be. It was refreshing to hear, and it gave me hope for whatever lies ahead.

Sometimes the path we walk has to be walked alone. Decisions can’t be made without clarity and when someone is standing in your way, you won’t see clearly. It’s not always easy, and I haven’t always done a good of keeping that in mind. The phone call was more than helpful.

I know you’re reading this. Thank you.