More flirting in the office.

So Tony emailed me back:

He DOES do flirty things. He puts his hands on my waist when no one is looking, he says things like “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” and things like that. He even saw me wearing a dress once and said if he wasn’t married, I’d be “in trouble.”

He is totally in to me, but only at work. I feel bad for liking a married man, but I am really attracted to him. I don’t think I am confusing this at all. He has pretty much given me every signal that he is into me. What’s up?


I was unable to get through to Theresa, so I am winging this on my own…

Tony, this guy is a bastard. If he is married (or even if he were dating for that matter) he shouldn’t be flirting with or acting like that with other women. I feel sorry for his wife at this point. She may have no idea what’s going on, or she may be trying to make believe it’s not happening, but either way, you are stepping into a world of hurt here. Yeah, you may be attracted to him, but you need to ask yourself, are you attracted to HIM…or what you can’t have? Would you like to finally be with him and have him do the same thing to you that he is doing to his wife? I don’t think so. Do what you can to look elsewhere for an attraction. You deserve more than that. Everyone does.