Hudson and Stillwater.

I’ve got a few pictures from my weekend in Hudson, and I’ll be taking some Stillwater pics the next time I go out. It’s nothing spectacular, just some pics from my way out of town after a great weekend. Both of the towns are on the river, both have an amazing “old school small town” feel, and both have really great restaurants. It’s pretty refreshing to go for dinner and be right by the river, rather than an empty field, or worse yet, totally surrounded by buildings.

Over Five Hundred is a nice restaurant with a huge Sunday brunch that allows you to sit right across the street from the river. Great for a sunny day.

The Agave Kitchen is a small, but cool restaurant with a really good burger and steak selection.

Both are in Hudson and both are worth the drive. Here are the pictures from a quiet Sunday drive out of town. The first is an angled view of the downtown area, typically very busy on a Friday or Saturday night.The second is looking down the street toward the river and the Hudson Wisconsin sign (that white thing).