Small changes..

I have decided to pull the American Cancer Society donation link from my page, due to lack of support. I have replaced it with links to vendors such as: An awesome way to find food near you..and have it delivered. They’re in over 85 cities! Only fitting since my blog deals with relationships. It’s a great site. Some of the greatest t-shirts around.

So check them out. I’ll be donating to the American Cancer Society myself from the revenue generated by these links.



Nuggets of wisdom 2

I was giving her a bath..

OLIVIA: Dad, platypuses are the only mammals to lay eggs.

ME (jokingly): What about lions?

OLIVIA (not getting my joke): Lions aren’t mammals.

ME: What are they?

OLIVIA: Just regular animals.

She goes back to playing then pauses..

OLIVIA: Wait, lions ARE mammals but don’t lay eggs!

She then laughs so hard she farts in the tub.


I’ve been meaning to write a piece on one of my favorite restaurants lately, and haven’t had pictures to back anything up, but I made a trip to Minneapolis the other night and decided to get the pictures I needed.

Azia has always been one of my favorite places in the Twin Cities. Located on the “Eat Street” section of Nicollet, just south of downtown, it is both easily accessible and offers nearby parking for little or no cost. Azia is also connected to the Caterpillar Lounge and Anemoni Sushi Bar, which presents even more food and drink options than your average establishment. Personally, I like the half price Happy Hour, their sushi selection, and the saki choices. The waitstaff here knows their saki, which is nice when trying new varieties (or trying it for the first time).

If you get a chance, sit outside. The streetlight seating give just enough light to see things clearly, so you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a cave, but they also don’t soak the tables with light. If the weather isn’t permitting, the inside is fantastic as well.

The Caterpillar Lounge offers a relaxed “drinking lounge” setting which reminds me of my dream living room..but with a full bar. The live music and DJ’s are cool, as are the drinks.

Anemoni Sushi Bar offers some great appetizers and a GIANT sushi selection. The sushi is, in my opinion, the best I’ve tasted so far.

Thom, the owner, can be seen around the restaurant from time to time and offers a friendly greeting and familiarity, which is usually uncommon is sushi restaurants.

Here are a few pictures. As I said, I was outside, so the lighting is dimmer than your typical picture, but you’ll get the idea.

These were the Ping Pang Pong Wings. Delicious.

The outside sign, as seen from my table.

Really good sushi. Philly Roll on the left and spicy tuna on the right. Also delicious.

You can read more about Thom, the owner, and the restaurant at

Check it out if you haven’t been there. If you have, give it another visit. They’ve changed the menu up a bit.


A side letter..

Annie in Missouri wrote:


These dating disasters were amazing. I have friends that have had some great stories to tell after dates, so I told them to write. You’ll see what I am talking about.

Anyway, I have a different issue to talk about. Here’s my story:

I was dating this guy on and off for about seven years. We had no reason to keep us together other than the comfort level, and we fought all of the time. It was a relationship that started nicely but turned ugly. After things became physically abusive, I broke it off and moved out of state. I’d been without him for about 6 months and had started dating a new guy..things were going great..until my ex found out. He pursued me to no end. He played mind games and even called me, with news I didn’t want to hear.

He told me that he’d given me an STD and that no one would accept me into a new relationship out of fear for their health. He said he’d always loved me and kept asking me to come back, so after confirming that I did have the STD, I broke the new guy’s heart and went back to him. He still lived about 8 hours away and we talk, but I am not happy. Not like I was with the new guy. I find myself wondering what the new guy is doing, what he thinks of me, and if he still loves me as much as I love him. The truth is, I was so scared that the new guy would break MY heart (once he found out that I had this), that I panicked and broke his. Now I am back in a relationship that would definitely be better off being finished, and missing the person I wanted to be with more than anything.


Wow, Annie. I am sorry to hear about your situation. Your ex is an ass. Not only did he treat your poorly, but he gave you an STD, then used it as a way to hook you back into a relationship that isn’t healthy. Leave the relationship you’ve been sucked back into. It’s for your own good. Seek some counseling and see what becomes of that. As far as “New Guy”, contact him and talk with him. If he loves you as much as you love him, nothing should stand in the way of being with you. Counseling first, make sure you’re ready for this, then find him. Good luck.


Dating disasters..

We’ve seen 5 dating disasters so far, and there are a few more on the way. One thing I noticed is that every email I read started with the person getting out of a bad relationship. If you got out of a bad relationship/bad breakup/bad anything, the first thing to focus on is yourself, not getting into a new relationship, or going back into an old one for that matter.

Until you’ve fixed your issues and learned who you really are again, you’ll keep cycling through one disaster after another.

Chances are, you’ve changed yourself to be in a relationship. Whether it’s pretending to like sports or music that you hate, fooling yourself into thinking that superficial people aren’t really as shallow as your friends and family say, or tricking yourself into believing that an abusive relationship isn’t really as abusive as others see, you’ve changed who you really are at some point.

Being in a relationship where you’ve ideally changed the very person you are just to be with that person is a time bomb waiting to explode. Sooner or later, you or the person you’re with will reveal who they really are and you’ll feel like you don’t even know them. If you slap shiny paint over a rusted car, it’s still a rusted car. The rust will eventually show through.

Be yourself and don’t settle. You don’t deserve any less than finding someone that appreciates you for you. They may not have everything in common with you, they may hate your John Legend playlist, but they’ll listen to you mangle lyrics and sing off key because they love you, and love who you are.

Keep that in mind. Dating disasters are bound to happen, but they’ll happen less when you enter things with a clear perception of who you are and what you want.


Dating disaster 5

Leanne from Indiana wrote:

Hi Sean,

I have a dating disaster that actually turned out for the best!

I was “hooked up” on a date by some friends of mine who swore up and down that the guy they were hooking me up with was my perfect match. We talked on the phone twice and eventually set up a coffee date.

When we met, he seemed like a presentable guy. He was handsome and had a great smile. When we talked however, it was a different story.

He came off as egotistical, closed minded, demanding, sexist, and rude. I was getting angry but tried to see where the date would go. I stuck it out.

I was getting hungry and ordered a pecan roll. He asked to try a bite and I let him, but shortly after he bit into it, he started choking and sputtering. Turns out Mr. Perfect had a peanut allergy and had a reaction to the roll. He used his epi-pen and an ambulance came to take him to the hospital, so he could be checked out. I waved goodbye and let him go. I’d driven myself, so I was happy I wasn’t stuck with him for a few more hours.

So you may be asking where does the story have a happy ending? There was a man in that coffee shop that had noticed me on my date, and after “Mr Perfect” left, he struck up a conversation. We hit it off and started dating. We married a year later and are still together.


Thanks for writing Leanne. It’s nice to see that some disasters can turn around for the best!

Mr. Jackson has left the building..

So Michael died.

It was bound to happen, but I always thought he’d go at his prime. Not that his death is made any more or less meaningful at this point, but I always hoped he’d make some kind of a comeback.

He had his share of controversy in the last 20 years, ranging from sex abuse to skin bleaching; from bad parenting (he made Britney look GOOD) to plastic surgery. Underneath it all he seems to have been just a guy that had a messed up childhood and was trying to get it all back.

He was a talented man, there are no doubts about that.