I’ve been meaning to write a piece on one of my favorite restaurants lately, and haven’t had pictures to back anything up, but I made a trip to Minneapolis the other night and decided to get the pictures I needed.

Azia has always been one of my favorite places in the Twin Cities. Located on the “Eat Street” section of Nicollet, just south of downtown, it is both easily accessible and offers nearby parking for little or no cost. Azia is also connected to the Caterpillar Lounge and Anemoni Sushi Bar, which presents even more food and drink options than your average establishment. Personally, I like the half price Happy Hour, their sushi selection, and the saki choices. The waitstaff here knows their saki, which is nice when trying new varieties (or trying it for the first time).

If you get a chance, sit outside. The streetlight seating give just enough light to see things clearly, so you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a cave, but they also don’t soak the tables with light. If the weather isn’t permitting, the inside is fantastic as well.

The Caterpillar Lounge offers a relaxed “drinking lounge” setting which reminds me of my dream living room..but with a full bar. The live music and DJ’s are cool, as are the drinks.

Anemoni Sushi Bar offers some great appetizers and a GIANT sushi selection. The sushi is, in my opinion, the best I’ve tasted so far.

Thom, the owner, can be seen around the restaurant from time to time and offers a friendly greeting and familiarity, which is usually uncommon is sushi restaurants.

Here are a few pictures. As I said, I was outside, so the lighting is dimmer than your typical picture, but you’ll get the idea.

These were the Ping Pang Pong Wings. Delicious.

The outside sign, as seen from my table.

Really good sushi. Philly Roll on the left and spicy tuna on the right. Also delicious.

You can read more about Thom, the owner, and the restaurant at

Check it out if you haven’t been there. If you have, give it another visit. They’ve changed the menu up a bit.