I went to Santorini’s yesterday. I am not a huge fan of suburban dining, since many are chain restaurants and offer very little variety, but Santorini’s is definitely not a chain restaurant. It sits in what was the Pickled Parrot (and then, Canyon Grille) building off of 494/5 in Eden Prairie. Despite the fact that it’s next to the giant Transit parking ramp, it has a great location overlooking a large pond just arcoss the road to it’s south. The deck usually has a wait, and this time it was over an hour, so I chose to eat inside. I stood inside waiting for my guests and watched the people leaving. Every single one took the complimentary Uozo shot (it’s a black licorice liqueur) and then struggled with the exit doors, almost as if they had forgotten that the doors swing outward. It was a nice chuckle.

I had the pita melt (no pics) which was a delicious take on the traditional Greek pita, turning it into a sandwich with a layer of cheese. Dippable, and cool.

Here are some pics of the area.

The valet parking (complimentary with purchase)

The view

The view from the top of the Transit Parking Ramp.