Awesome cover, crappy music.

I was on the prowl for new music and came across a string of hideous music with some great album covers. I’ve listed them below…enjoy looking and I’m sorry if you listen. Now if this is your type of music, congratulations..your ears are stronger that most people’s and that is something to be proud of. Personally, I would rather listen to someone chew gum loudly.

Album cover says: “Nice. Some sexy time in a field”.

Band name says: I am a sexy women’s clothing item on sale now at Macy’s.

Music sounds like: Vocals..someone sings, occasionally. He can sing about 6 notes. I hear he’s working on a 7th though, so he has THAT going for him..

Album cover says: “This is going to be a nice, quietly depressing emo album.”

Band name says: Mistakes are made by the book.

Music sounds like: While you can understand THESE vocals, it’s just screams. No talent. On a few songs, it sounds like the singer is actually breathing IN and screaming. Inward singing? Only if it’s Tenacious D..

Album cover says: “I turned my nerdy obsession with Egypt into an awesome album cover”.

Band name says: I play D&D, but only when I am not playing Warcraft.

Music sounds like: Lead singer sounds like a 12 year old who’s voice in changing while the backup vocals are basically someone farting through a microphone.

Album cover says: My mom listened to Gwar.

Band name says: We’re SO country. (They’re SO not..)

Music sounds like: Really loud guitars and drums matter more than being able to understand vocals.

Album cover says: “Check out this really cool scary movie starring Lindsay Lohan”.

Band name says: My spacebar is broken on my computer’s keyboard.

Music sounds like: Lead singer drank a can of coke and sang while burping.

Album cover says: “Yeah, this will look great on Myspace.”

Band name says: This will be the last rave you will ever attend.

Music sounds like: Lead singer was repeatedly shocked in the balls while singing.

Album cover says: “Uh oh, some kid is going to be on the news tomorrow..”

Band name says: I am an angsty 13 year old.

Music sounds like: The guitarists and singer are competing for who can be the loudest. Also has the burpy Coke voice on occasion.