My art project..

I started a project today that I’ve been looking to do for about 9 years. It is a digital catalog of graffiti and wall murals around the city. This city has beautiful architecture, beautiful people, and beautiful outdoor art. Graffiti on old unused structures (not tagging new buildings or houses), and wall art is something that is also really beautiful in this city.

My project will be to photograph these works of art and list their locations, so you can visit them if you’d like..or just enjoy them from your monitor.

My first stop in the series was at the river’s end of Minnehaha Falls. Enjoy.

Inside the tunnel grate, left side.

Outside right side of the tunnel grate.

Looking at the tunnel grate. Notice the 1921 above the grate.

This isn’t graffiti. The lower hole is about two inches in diameter. Look inside. Yeah, that’s a HUGE freaking spider.

The end left side of the runoff area.

Yellow sandstone (caused by the iron oxide in the sand). From left to right: My nephew Preston, my daughter Olivia, niece Harmony, and other nephew Tucker.

Outer right side.

“Steps” up to a large manhole on the upper left area from the tunnel grate.

View from the end. The “steps” are visible on the upper left.

Upper area inside tunnel grate. Ahead there was a large caved in hole in the floor. It stunk, so I didn’t go in there. No, I wasn’t afraid of more huge spiders..pssshhh…


Second letter..

Connor from Arkansas wrote:

Hey bro,

Love the site. I’d like to know how you got such a great outlook on relationships, and life in general. You seem like a great guy.


Well Connor, I have always had the outlook I have on relationships, which is:
“We go into relationships wanting to make the other person happy. If we try and can’t do that, then we need to let them go be happy elsewhere.” I just think healthy relationships start with a healthy perspective. If someone is having issues with self esteem, self control, chemical dependency, or other issues, entering a relationship wouldn’t be a healthy decision. It’s after you put both feet on the ground and truly discover who YOU are that you can make good decisions in your life. Push your mental discipline and willpower for the best, and you’ll reap the rewards later.

As far as my life views, I developed them after the battle with cancer. I fought it alone (long story..I’ll share later), for the most part, and learned that relationships are strong no matter if you see your friends and family daily or yearly. My friends and family have always been there for me and I just needed to accept that and realize that if I can be a good person to them, I can be a good person to everyone. You can’t make everyone happy, but you CAN be the best person you can be.

Thanks for writing.


A letter..

Ivy from New York wrote:

Hi Sean,

I love the fact that you combine such variety into your site. It’s nice to see you don’t get stuck in your ways.

I read you had added Match ads too. Good deal. I am already a member and if I can add to that, they are great! I was on there and have recently met someone great.

Anyway, I wanted to know something that you don’t have to answer, I was just curious. Do you ever talk to Tracy anymore?

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for writing. I am glad you could add your two cents in with Match. I think they are great too, which is why I added them.

To answer your question, no I don’t. I think she’ll be eventually happy once she gets through the issues she needs to work out and I am not a part of that equation. I wish her the best and I hope that if we bump into each other it can be a friendly meeting, but I have no intention of contacting her.



I got out and away from the family stuff for a bit on the 4th of July, and went to Seven’s sushi bar in downtown Minneapolis.

It’s a part of the Seven Steakhouse, connected to the Pantages Theatre on Hennepin. The best part about Seven is it’s rooftop lounge. It spans the length of the entire building, offers two bars, plenty of seating, and a spectacular view. In the afternoon, you’ll be shaded a bit, so the warm summer air won’t be too much if you sit outside on a hot day. If it rains, you can always tough it out or head inside, which is also nice. The interior has a Chicago steakhouse feel, a lighted faux marble bar, and high ceilings. Overall, I’d say one of the better restaurants downtown.

The sushi itself isn’t as good as Azia, but the dynamite roll offers a nice serious spicy kick, which most sushi places shy away from. The waiter didn’t take time to explain the saki menu either, and instead laid out the martini menu (which in my opinion does not go well with sushi). Their caterpillar roll, however, is nice and large.

The view was gorgeous, the company was spectacular, and the experience as a whole was great. Check out Seven.

Here are some pics.

The ground floor interior of the Steakhouse

View from the roof number 1..

View from the roof number 2

Top of the Martini menu.

Check out this awesomeness..

I have been working on a few letters lately and I’ll be posting them Monday or Tuesday this week, but in the meantime, I have been crawling the internet looking for new music. I came across this gem and wanted to share it with you.

The music isn’t that great. I’ll warn you now. It’s like early 80’s Hall and Oates or Doobie Brothers, if they were both best friends with Prince and let him produce the entire album. It’s average, weird, stuff.

The coolest part about the album is the cover. Look at it in two halves, right eye and left eye. One at a time…

Holy Lord!..look at that!! It’s like the greatest 80’s fantasy movie that never happened. On the right side we have a herd of elephants, a volcano thing, and a cool dolphin with an obelisk thing going into the stars. Let’s not forget the white haired guy that looks like the lovechild of Michael Jackson and Brad Pitt. He must be the Prince of Rad, a futuristic city of music.

If that weren’t cool enough, shut your right eye and open your left and..BAM!..smack dab in the middle of awesome. There’s an orb being held by a guy that looks like Prince’s cousin, a futuristic city, a viking type boat with something swimming under it (mermaid anyone?), a planet, and a tiger!! A freaking running tiger! This is the type of album cover that people should tattoo on their forehead. (By the way, if you DO do that, don’t blame me for all of the action you’re going to get.)

Open both of your eyes and take it all in. Take it easy though, this is the type of album cover that’ll stay with you..