My art project..

I started a project today that I’ve been looking to do for about 9 years. It is a digital catalog of graffiti and wall murals around the city. This city has beautiful architecture, beautiful people, and beautiful outdoor art. Graffiti on old unused structures (not tagging new buildings or houses), and wall art is something that is also really beautiful in this city.

My project will be to photograph these works of art and list their locations, so you can visit them if you’d like..or just enjoy them from your monitor.

My first stop in the series was at the river’s end of Minnehaha Falls. Enjoy.

Inside the tunnel grate, left side.

Outside right side of the tunnel grate.

Looking at the tunnel grate. Notice the 1921 above the grate.

This isn’t graffiti. The lower hole is about two inches in diameter. Look inside. Yeah, that’s a HUGE freaking spider.

The end left side of the runoff area.

Yellow sandstone (caused by the iron oxide in the sand). From left to right: My nephew Preston, my daughter Olivia, niece Harmony, and other nephew Tucker.

Outer right side.

“Steps” up to a large manhole on the upper left area from the tunnel grate.

View from the end. The “steps” are visible on the upper left.

Upper area inside tunnel grate. Ahead there was a large caved in hole in the floor. It stunk, so I didn’t go in there. No, I wasn’t afraid of more huge spiders..pssshhh…