I got out and away from the family stuff for a bit on the 4th of July, and went to Seven’s sushi bar in downtown Minneapolis.

It’s a part of the Seven Steakhouse, connected to the Pantages Theatre on Hennepin. The best part about Seven is it’s rooftop lounge. It spans the length of the entire building, offers two bars, plenty of seating, and a spectacular view. In the afternoon, you’ll be shaded a bit, so the warm summer air won’t be too much if you sit outside on a hot day. If it rains, you can always tough it out or head inside, which is also nice. The interior has a Chicago steakhouse feel, a lighted faux marble bar, and high ceilings. Overall, I’d say one of the better restaurants downtown.

The sushi itself isn’t as good as Azia, but the dynamite roll offers a nice serious spicy kick, which most sushi places shy away from. The waiter didn’t take time to explain the saki menu either, and instead laid out the martini menu (which in my opinion does not go well with sushi). Their caterpillar roll, however, is nice and large.

The view was gorgeous, the company was spectacular, and the experience as a whole was great. Check out Seven.

Here are some pics.

The ground floor interior of the Steakhouse

View from the roof number 1..

View from the roof number 2

Top of the Martini menu.