Evan from Wyoming wrote:


I like your blog. I have never really been the blog type, but a friend recommended me to read your blog after I split up with a woman I’d been seeing for over a year. I read it and have been following weekly ever since.

I wanted to ask you, is it possible to never fully get over someone? It’s been about 8 months since my breakup and I still think about her as if it were yesterday..


Well Evan, it is possible to hold on to feelings you had, but they will go away in time, leaving just the memories. My guess is that you’ve been doing some things that remind you of this relationship you had (whether it’s weekly or daily) and you’ve been holding on to these memories. My question for you is, why did you split up with her? If it wasn’t working, it’s time to let go. Do new activities that don’t remind you of her, don’t go places you two used to go for awhile, and don’t look at any pictures of her.

It can be tough getting over someone, but if we don’t let ourselves heal and move on, or if we keep looking back, we’ll never get on with our lives. I am sure that neither one of you want to hold the other one back. Good luck buddy.