My favorite highway..

I’ve been posting song lyrics as my status on my Facebook page for the better half of a year now and lately, many have been from My Favorite Highway. It’s a band. I am not going to tell you about my actual favorite highway (but here’s a goes between Seattle and Mt. Ranier).

If you’re looking for a band comparison, think the Fray (without the constant sadness), Matchbox 20 (without all of the whining), and All-American Rejects (but they won’t give you hell..) all combined into one. They have nice piano work, reminiscent of Something Corporate and some great vocal harmonies..not to mention lyrics.

The band signed with Virgin Records in 2008 and their album “How to Call a Bluff” is in stores now. Check it out.

More for song lyrics from other artists, check my facebook page. Read my notes and you’ll discover how to find out WHO sings the lyrics I post.


Evan 2

Evan wrote back:

I broke things off because the feelings I had for her scared me. Everytime I was with her, I kept feeling this overwhelming love and it’d eventually lead to this overwhelming fear of, “Oh no, what will I do if I lose her?” It was the happiest and scariest feeling I think I have ever had.

I tried to not go places we did or do things we did, and I even tried going on dates, but nothing works. It’s been 8 months as I said, and it’s tearing me apart.


Woah, Evan, this is all info you should have shared with me the first time around. If you think your time has passed, then by all means, try to let her go. However, if you love this woman like you say you do, it’s natural to have that overwhelming sense of happiness and panic when you find the right person for you. If everything feels right, chances are that it is.

I’d talk to a therapist about the fear though. It shouldn’t be a prolonged and overwhelming sense of fear. It may be a deeper issue there that is causing issues..maybe you’ve been really hurt before?

Whatever the case may be, if you love her, let her know. It’s the least you can do. If she doesn’t feel the same way, then it will unfortunately be time to move on. Good luck.