Album review numero uno.

Fall is my favorite season. It a time when, as Dashboard Confessional said, “another sunsoaked season fades away”. Maybe it’s the fact that so many adventures are ending and new ones are just beginning, but it’s the season that really sets me afire.

Every year, there seems to be an album that is released that becomes the perfect soundtrack for the season. This year it’s from Imogen Heap. Her album Ellipse hits stores August 25th, and is absolutely THE autumn soundtrack.

If you don’t remember the name, you may remember her song “Hide and Seek”. Not only have I referenced it in a past blog, but it’s also been on the O.C and a bunch of other shows.

Ellipse is a step up from the other albums and provides an emotional look into relationships gained and lost, learning from mistakes, and self-realization.

On “First Train Home”, the lyrics tell a story of time lost in a relationship of dead ends and the yearning to get back to the “home” she loves. Not only is the song chock full of meaningful lyrics, but the music and vocals are ripe with emotion.

Anyway, check out her album, Ellipse..and for that matter, check out her old stuff too.