Like to hear it? Here it goes..

Here are three bands that you may have never heard, but I think you should definitely give them a shot.

1. MAE- This band formed in 2001 and has been the foundation of my music collection ever since I listened to their song “Embers and Envelopes” in 2003. 2005 brought “The Everglow”, an amazing storybook-like listening experience that frontman Dave Elkins once described as “a hypothetical story of a couple who falls in love; they’ve decided what they’re looking for and they find it in each other…and it’s very good, it’s very rewarding; but…well, not “but” but alongside of this, or as a result of this, an unborn baby comes into the picture before too long. And a lot of people have wondered and talked to us at shows, and I’ve seen it discussed on message boards and whatnot, and a lot of people thought this song is a story about an abortion or this song is a story stating us as pro-choice or pro-life, and that’s not necessarily the case here. What we’re looking at is the fact that as a result of this baby entering into the world, they find a love, these individuals, that’s more fulfilling and more rewarding, and more satisfying, than anything they had known up until that point. [Cheering] I think that it’s important that we understand that love is not always black and white like we’d like for it to be, and sometimes it’s very grey. Sometimes you have to make the difficult decisions. And sometimes you do have to try and fail, and fail and fail a few times before you can actually succeed and get the big picture.” Yeah, deep. Personally, I loved this album. Mae has had some releases since then, but in my mind, this was the most moving.

2. Charlotte Sometimes- This American singer-songwriter released her album “Waves and the Both of Us” in 2008. It is reminiscent of artists like Lilly Allen, Little Boots, and Natasha Bedingfield, but in my opinion, it’s less sugary and more adult. The album’s song emotions range from getting over heartbreak, to realizing that someone she is in love with is bad for her, to losing a love, and everything in between. It truly is an overlooked work of art. Her stage name comes from a children’s book. Awesome.

3. Making April- I like a good old piano based rock act, and have everything from Something Corporate to Danyew, and Vanessa Carlton to Augustana in my collection. There’s just something about the mix of guitar and piano that I really think pulls the emotion out in a song. This band formed in 2005, so in the grand scheme of things, is relatively new, but have managed to start making a name for themselves from the start. Their album “The Egg Hunt” was realeased in early spring of this year and is moving and full of emotion. It’s an incredible album from start to finish and definitely worth a listen.

Music isn’t about what sells. It’s about what moments are created in the minds and hearts of those that listen. Enjoy.