Many people that know me know I love energy drinks, and yet I have a personal mission to rid my life of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). One reader asked:

“If you’re so against HFCS, how do you drink energy drinks? I thought they had like 4 cups of sugar or something.”

You’re right. The energy drinks with HFCS have TONS of sugar mainly because of the concentration of HFCS and added sugar. That is why I choose energy drinks with zero sugar or just drinks with sucrose.

For example:
Xyience Xenergy has a bunch of different flavors all with no calories, no HFCS, and virtually no sugar at all. Yeah, it’s still got all of the vitamins and energy stuff, and yeah it tastes amazing. Forget the cough syrup taste of Red Bull. This stuff can be picked up at any Holiday or Super America, and many other gas stations.

This can looks menacing, but the taste is fantastic. It’s on sale nationwide (I think because the other two flavors of this taste like ass), and it’s fruit punchy flavor will have you coming back for more. Great news for those addicted to Monster Fruit has much less sugar than Monster.

This isn’t an energy drink really, but it’s a good Minnesota made alternative to Izze (a sparkling drink that has a nationwide campaign against HFCS). It can be found in many grocery stores, is much cheaper than Izze, and tastes fantastic. Good for the kids. Nothing artificial. Awesome.

This is my favorite new flavor of Xenergy. Appley-goodness galore.

Monster normally sucks. It’s got tons of sugar, nasty flavor that can be smelled from 10 feet away, and it it thick, like drinking syrup. Not a good drink at all. HOWEVER..Monster Nitrous tastes NOTHING like Monster (All three flavors taste amazing) and is made with nitrous oxide. It doesn’t do anything special but it makes a nice pop when you open the resealable can.

Bing energy drink doesn’t pack the energy rush that most drinks do, it’s made from more natural ingredients and has a great bing cherry flavor. Think of it as drinking cherry pie.

Rockstar Zero Carb is a great tasting alternative to the regular Rockstar. It also doesn’t taste like crap.

And absolute favorite energy drink.
It’s an Anheuser Busch product (no alcohol in it..), and all three flavors taste amazing. It was on the market back in the early days of energy drinks, but went through a packaging and formula re-design to make it HFCS free and improve the taste. It’s tough to find, but anywhere that sells Anheuser Busch products can order you a case or two. It’s worth every cent. Personally, I feel the Orange flavor is the best around, while the Acai Berry is like drinking a damn blueberry muffin. Yum!

Now, energy drinks are just as bad for your teeth as soda or coffee, because they are also acidic, so don’t overdo it..just enjoy the rush and the flavor.