On a lighter note..

My dad left John Deere in September after 31 years..he was asked to retire early or face being possibly laid off.

He had an interview today. Good luck Dad.


Ray of sun

Ray wrote:

Much like you, I just lost a girlfriend to her ex. He actually convinced her that he could provide for her better than I could (financially). I am not a rich guy (he is), but as I was reading your song lyric “meanings” I realized that there are obviously people out there that believe they can buy love, and people that are okay with selling their love and happiness to the highest bidder. What happened to love just being an emotion?


I totally agree Ray. I think it’s pathetic when people try to use money as a means of “buying happiness”. Personally, I don’t care how many vacations you go on, how many VIPs you can pay your way into, what kind of car you drive, where you live, or how much money you make..if you flaunt that kind of living, I can only hope you wake up someday and wonder where you wasted your life.

Life isn’t about “getting paid”. There is SO much more to life than money can ever provide. Don’t tell me how much you made/make, tell me how you’ve improved the lives of those around you. I’d rather hear things like “So I was in Guatemala working with this charity organization..” than “I just blew a bunch of cash in Vegas with my friends…”

I dated a woman who had the same excuse for not giving panhandlers money. Her excuse was, “Why? They’re just going to blow it on booze anyway.”

Really? We’re headed to the bar to do the same thing! And, when is the last time you could go buy booze with 64-cents of pocket change and a lint ball?

I say you are better off without a woman who is basically selling herself away. Keep on finding value in the little things in life like relationships, friendships, family, and everyday life.

Love is still an emotion, but it’s for the REAL VIPs. You’ll find happiness again soon.

Food frenzy

Sierra wrote:

I think a friend of mine is diet obsessed. She eats whatever the hell she wants throughout the year and her weight fluctuates as any normal person’s would, but whenever she travels, she goes on these crazy diets like a month before. For example, she went to Cabo in October and ate only celery and drank water for three weeks before going. She also worked out for an hour a day. She also went to Hawaii in February and wanted a beach body, so she ate only a tiny piece of chicken every day, ate celery and drank water again.

Anyway, her diets work, she loses massive weight, but then she gets back and eats normally and her body just piles the weight back on. It’s taking it’s toll though, her hair is brittle and gross looking, her eyes are sunken in, and if she wasn’t such an avid tanner, I am sure there’d be dark circles under them.

I don’t know what to do. She is convinced that this type of dieting is healthy because it gives results, but I am convinced it isn’t. What to do?


You are absolutely in the right here. Health professionals say that the typical human body NEEDS (not just wants) AT LEAST 1200 calories per day to function properly. By starving herself of valuable nutrients by this type of crash dieting, she is only sending her body into starvation mode, which means that once she eats normally again, her body is storing everything it can as fat. Your body can also: -Start to develop kidney problems
-Grow hair to protect itself from being cold during prolonged starvation
-Suffer from muscle atrophy
-Become diabetic
-Lose hair or have it become brittle
-And develop a multitude of other issues. If she has too much water in her system she can develop Hyponatremia which is basically the dilution of sodium and electrolytes in your blood. This is nothing to laugh at..hyponatremia can cause fluid in the lungs, brain swelling, nausea, vomiting, confusion and even death.

If your friend wants to develop a beach body, do it the right way through regular exercise and healthy eating. If it seems that she may be leaning more toward an eating disorder, get her some help ASAP.


Akon and Colby Odonis- Beautiful (Radio Edit)

When I see you,
(Whenever my girlfriend is gone)
I run out of words to say
(I can’t talk because I don’t want to ruin it)
I wouldn’t leave you,
(I’d only leave you for someone hotter)
Cause your that type of girl, that makes mistakes
(But that’s only if you get fat..or old)

I see the guys tryna’ holla,
(There are so many guys that would treat you better)
Girl I don’t want to bother you,
(So I’ll do my best to put them down)
Cause your independent and you got my attention
(I am hoping I can buy your affection)
And I’ll be your baby father,
(And Maury will say “You ARE the father..)
Girl I just want to show you,
(I just want to have sex)
That I love what you are doing
(Because you’re hot)

I see you in the club, you gettin’ down’
(You are good at shaking your ass)
I wanna get with you
(I want to have sex with you)
I see you in the club, you showin’ thugs love
(I don’t like those other guys)
That wanna get with you
(That actually respect you)

You’re so Beautiful, So damn beautiful
(You’re hot)
Said your so beautiful, So damn beautiful
You’re so beautiful..

Where’d you come from, you’re outta’ this world, to me
(You have class)
You’re a symbol of what a beautiful woman should be (ooh wee)
(AND you’re attractive. I really don’t deserve to talk to you)


I see the guys tryna’ holla,
(I am trying to make myself look better)
Girl I don’t want to bother you,
(By trying to buy your love)
Cause your independent and you got my attention
(Because you seem smarter than me)
And I’ll be your baby father,
(Despite the fact that I have no condom)
Girl I just wanna show you, cause I love what you are doing
(You’re giving me an erection in public)
I see you in the club, you gettin’ down
(I saw you dancing over here)
I wanna get with you (oh yeah)
(And bet my friends I’d take you home)
I see you in the club, you showin’ thugs love
(So I took you away from the guys who respect you)
I wanna get with you
(To try and get you drunk)
You’re so beautiful, So damn beautiful
(You’re hot)
Said your so beautiful, So damn Beautiful
(Let’s do shots)
You’re so beautiful..
(More shots)


She’s starin’ at me I’m sittin’, wonderin’ what she’s thinkin’
(She’s pissed and I know why but I am playing innocent)
Nobody’s talkin’ ’cause talkin’ just turns into screamin’
(I really pissed her off)
(Oh crap)
And now is I’m yellin’ over her, she’s yellin’ over me
(I keep yelling when she’s speaking to me and she yells back)
All that that means is neither of us is listening
(Which means I blame her)
And what’s even worse that we don’t even remember why were fighting.
(She remembers, I am going to forget about this in two days)

So both of us are mad for…
(I can’t figure out why she’s mad because I am a dick)

Nothin’ [fighting for]
(I want to sleep without you making me feel bad)
Nothin’ [crying for]
(I said I want to sleep)
Nothin’ [whooaaa]
(Just let me sleep whooaa)
But we wont let it go for nothin’
(But you just won’t let this go)
(And you have a good reason)
This should be nothin’ to a love like what we got
(But I should be free to cheat on you and be dishonest)
Ohhh baby…
(Dammit woman.)

I know sometimes it’s gonna rain
(This isn’t the first time)
But baby, can we make up now
(But it won’t be the last)
Cause I can’t sleep through the pain
(I can’t stand it when you sniffle into your pillow)

Girl, I don’t wanna go to bed
(For the love of God, quiet down)
[mad at you]
(I don’t care if you’re pissed)
And I don’t want you to go to bed
(I have to work early tomorrow..)
[mad at me]
(You ARE really pissed.)
No, I don’t wanna go to bed
(I wish I was at the other chick’s house)
[mad at you]
(At least she wouldn’t be keeping me up)
And I don’t want you to go to bed
(Yeah she would, but not by crying)
[mad at me]
(Sweet Jesus, I wish I could look at her naked again)
Ohhh no no no…
(But then you’d be even more pissed)

And it gets me upset, girl
(This is where I turn it on you)
When your constantly accusing.
(I’m going to do my best to make you seem insecure)
[Askin’ questions like you already know]
(Because you found me out)
We’re fighting this war, baby
(You have every right to be mad)
When both of us are losing.
(But I can’t afford alimony)
[This ain’t the way that love is supposed to go].
(I should be free to cheat how I want)

[What happened to workin’ it out]
(Why don’t you just stop complaining?)
We fall into this place
(Then I wouldn’t cheat)
Where you ain’t backin’ down and I ain’t backin’ down
(Well yeah I would…oh, you’re still talking?)
So what the hell do we do now..
(I’d like to muffle you with my pillow)

It’s all for..



Oh, baby this love ain’t gonna be perfect
(There is more than just woman)
[perfect, perfect, ohh ohh]
(I hope you don’t find out)
And just how good it’s gonna be
(Maybe after a few months)
We can fuss and we can fight long as everything’s alright between us…
(I’ll leave you)
Before we go to sleep.
(For one of them..while you’re sleeping)

Baby, we’re gonna be happy.
(I’ll be so happy)

Baby I know sometimes it’s gonna rain
(I am no longer listening)
But baby, can we make up now
(I’m just talking out of my ass)
Cause I can’t sleep through the pain
(Whatever gets you to let me sleep)
[can’t sleep through the pain].
(I’ll do)


Jason DeRulo-Whatcha Say

Wha- wha- what did she say
Mmmm whatcha say,
Mmm that you only meant well?
Well of course you did
Mmmm whatcha say,
Mmmm that it’s all for the best?
Of course it is

(I’m not creative enough to make my own stuff so I ripped off Imogen Heap)

[Verse 1]
I was so wrong for so long
(Okay, I screwed up)
Only tryin’ to please myself
(I wasn’t thinking of you)
Girl, I was caught up in her lust
(I was having sex with this other girl)
When I don’t really want no one else
(Because you weren’t doing it for me)
So, no I know I should of treated you better
(You caught me so I am saying I knew it was wrong)
But me and you were meant to last forever
(And despite the fact that I cheated on you, we should spend our lives together)

So let me in give me another chance
(So let me cheat on you again)
To really be your man
(I’ll just be better at hiding it)
Cause when the roof caved in and the truth came out
(Because when you found out I was cheating)
I just didn’t know what to do
(I couldn’t cover it up)
But when I become a star we’ll be living so large
(But when I am rich, I’ll buy your love)
I’ll do anything for you
(I’m a psycho)
So tell me girl
(So have I convinced you?)


[Verse 2]
How, could I live with myself
(I’d be distraught)
Knowing that I let our love go (love go)
(Knowing that I settled for an uglier chick)
And ooh, when I do with one chance
(When you’re foolish enough to take me back)
I just gotta let you know
(I’ll do my best to confuse you)
I know what I did wasn’t clever
(Into thinking I am not smart)
But me and you we’re meant to be together
(And despite me being a cheater, we should stay together)



[Verse 3]
Girl, tell me whatcha say I,
(So can I come back?)
I don’t want you to leave me
(I can’t stand the thought of someone else making you happy)
Though you caught me cheatin’
(Even though I cheated)
Tell me, tell me whatcha say I,
(Are you dumb enough to take me back?)
I really need you in my life
(I need regular sex)
Cuz things ain’t right, girl
(I hate being alone)
Tell me, tell me whatcha say I,
I don’t want you to leave me
(Don’t find someone who will treat you right)
Though you caught me cheatin’
(Though I am really pathetic)
Tell me, tell me whatcha say I
(Come on..)
I really need you in my life
(I need someone to sleep next to and ignore)
Cuz things ain’t right
(Because the other chick caught me cheating on her with you)



Soul train..

The next three posts will be a collection of me breaking down the REAL meaning of some popular R&B songs.

The lyrics are in bold and the REAL meaning is in parenthesis below each line.