Food frenzy

Sierra wrote:

I think a friend of mine is diet obsessed. She eats whatever the hell she wants throughout the year and her weight fluctuates as any normal person’s would, but whenever she travels, she goes on these crazy diets like a month before. For example, she went to Cabo in October and ate only celery and drank water for three weeks before going. She also worked out for an hour a day. She also went to Hawaii in February and wanted a beach body, so she ate only a tiny piece of chicken every day, ate celery and drank water again.

Anyway, her diets work, she loses massive weight, but then she gets back and eats normally and her body just piles the weight back on. It’s taking it’s toll though, her hair is brittle and gross looking, her eyes are sunken in, and if she wasn’t such an avid tanner, I am sure there’d be dark circles under them.

I don’t know what to do. She is convinced that this type of dieting is healthy because it gives results, but I am convinced it isn’t. What to do?


You are absolutely in the right here. Health professionals say that the typical human body NEEDS (not just wants) AT LEAST 1200 calories per day to function properly. By starving herself of valuable nutrients by this type of crash dieting, she is only sending her body into starvation mode, which means that once she eats normally again, her body is storing everything it can as fat. Your body can also: -Start to develop kidney problems
-Grow hair to protect itself from being cold during prolonged starvation
-Suffer from muscle atrophy
-Become diabetic
-Lose hair or have it become brittle
-And develop a multitude of other issues. If she has too much water in her system she can develop Hyponatremia which is basically the dilution of sodium and electrolytes in your blood. This is nothing to laugh at..hyponatremia can cause fluid in the lungs, brain swelling, nausea, vomiting, confusion and even death.

If your friend wants to develop a beach body, do it the right way through regular exercise and healthy eating. If it seems that she may be leaning more toward an eating disorder, get her some help ASAP.