Ray of sun

Ray wrote:

Much like you, I just lost a girlfriend to her ex. He actually convinced her that he could provide for her better than I could (financially). I am not a rich guy (he is), but as I was reading your song lyric “meanings” I realized that there are obviously people out there that believe they can buy love, and people that are okay with selling their love and happiness to the highest bidder. What happened to love just being an emotion?


I totally agree Ray. I think it’s pathetic when people try to use money as a means of “buying happiness”. Personally, I don’t care how many vacations you go on, how many VIPs you can pay your way into, what kind of car you drive, where you live, or how much money you make..if you flaunt that kind of living, I can only hope you wake up someday and wonder where you wasted your life.

Life isn’t about “getting paid”. There is SO much more to life than money can ever provide. Don’t tell me how much you made/make, tell me how you’ve improved the lives of those around you. I’d rather hear things like “So I was in Guatemala working with this charity organization..” than “I just blew a bunch of cash in Vegas with my friends…”

I dated a woman who had the same excuse for not giving panhandlers money. Her excuse was, “Why? They’re just going to blow it on booze anyway.”

Really? We’re headed to the bar to do the same thing! And, when is the last time you could go buy booze with 64-cents of pocket change and a lint ball?

I say you are better off without a woman who is basically selling herself away. Keep on finding value in the little things in life like relationships, friendships, family, and everyday life.

Love is still an emotion, but it’s for the REAL VIPs. You’ll find happiness again soon.