Alvin wrote:

Sean, you seem to be a normal guy who thinks logically about being healthy. By that I mean you’re not some musclebound gym obsessed idiot who wants everyone to be hulking gym jerks. How do you make choices in your health quest? How do you make the conscious choices subconscious ones?


Good question. Choices are around us everyday and the challenge is making good long term choices.

I drive past 4 McDonalds, 3 Burger Kings, 2 Taco Bells and a Wendys on my way home. I also live within a mile of two steakhouses, three seafood restaurants, and a host of coffee shops. If I thought only in short term, I could go to any one of those on a daily basis, waste tons of money and gain a bunch of weight. If I look at that from a long term goal of making healthy choices, none of them fit into that goal.

I am not saying to avoid going for a burger and beer with friends, or to boycott Starbucks, but figure your long term and short term goals and let that guide your decision making. Sometimes your short term will get the upper hand, but your long term should be the biggest factor. Start making conscious good choices and they’ll eventually become easier to make…then just be an unconscious reaction.


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