Do you know this game?

This is the game “Bejewled 2”. It should, in reality, be called “Marriage Counselor Extreme”.

Why do I feel this way? Let me explain..

Bejeweled 2 is a Tetris type game in which the player must gain points and “warp” to the next level by lining up matching jewels in a row to make them disappear. There are several power ups like an exploding jewel and a lightning jewel that zaps all over the screen. So far, this isn’t really explaining the whole marriage counselor thing, but wait..there’s more..

Players can go ON and ON from level to level, which makes taking turns after a player fails tedious and difficult. Waiting two hours for a skilled player to fail just so you can take your turn, only to fail miserably after one level is certainly going to cause your patience to falter. If Bejeweled is played with a partner, it can also lead to situations where the person not playing sees a better path than the person playing and feels the need to shout at the screen or point it out by slapping their hand on the television. If that last situation leads to a board with “no more moves” available and the player fails, it opens up an entirely new can of worms.

Behind the gameboard are beautiful landscapes of “alien planets” and a really relaxing new age type of music that plays. It kind of reminds me of Neverending Story and I think we can all say we loved that movie as kids.

Therefore, this game teaches the following lessons for couples:

1. Sometimes sharing a “better way” doesn’t mean it has to be done.

2. Patience is a virtue. It’s not all about you.

3. Getting mad over nothing and being jealous of your partner’s success will get you nowhere. Support your partner’s successes, even if you aren’t doing well.

4. Asking for help or letting someone assist you doesn’t mean you can’t do just means you found a way to get it done.

5. There is more than one way to win or lose. Relax and take in the scenery. You’ll find a way to reach your goals.

6. Slapping a TV screen and shouting, “Right there!! Right there!!” is a quick way to find out what sleeping on the couch feels like.

If you haven’t played it, it’s worth a try. It’s out all over the internet for free, but paying for it is the best idea.



The next two weeks..

The next two weeks will be busy for me with the holidays approaching and work being just crazy this time of year. I also hope to post quite a few new postings I’ve been working on for awhile. When people write me, they sometimes leave out important info and I have to email them back to get the rest of the story. They are all coming in and my inbox is bulging…I’ll post throughout this weekend, next week and I may throw in a few Christmas Eve and Day posts since Olivia will be at her mom’s until the day after Christmas.