Hello world!

Minnesodad has moved to WordPress!  I’ve been looking to make some changes to the blog for a short time now (changing the link name and format, etc.,) and found that WordPress offered the best option for what I was looking for.

Some changes you’ll see are:

1.  The link no longer says “diamondsfortracy”.  It’s time to remove that part from the link and move forward with what the site is titled.  Tracy and my experiences with her led me to creating a blog in the first place, it led me to becoming more healthy, and it kickstarted some amazing changes in my life,  but it’s time to move away from that.  I wish her the best.

2.  The format has changed.  If now shows the most recent three posts on the main page, with archives available to view by clicking the word “Archives”.

3.  The hosting site has changed.  Update your bookmarks or just re-bookmark this page.  I don’t know who really updates a bookmark, when it’s easier to just re-bookmark this one.

4.  Tell all your friends.