There is no try..

Elijah wrote:

Sean, I like your outlook on healthy eating but I can’t seem to keep it going. I fill my cupboards with healthy food but when it comes down to it, I reach for potato chips rather than an apple. Any advice?


Get rid of your chips to start, Elijah. Your body does a good job of letting you know what it needs, but we often misread those requests and make the wrong choices. If you find yourself reaching for salty foods for example, it’s often times your body’s way to tell you it needs water. It’s trying to retain the water it has by increasing your sodium level. Instead of chips, drink a glass or two of water, then if still hungry after 15 minutes, go for that apple.

Your body also needs protein and if you exercise regularly, you may find yourself craving meat or soy. A nicely broiled chicken breast is better than a cheeseburger in this case. Avoid the fat and calories and keep the flavor.

It’s all about making the right choices when eating right.


P.s. Though the burger below may look chock full of awesome, it is not a good way to get your iron or protein. It IS, however, a great way to have a heart attack while smiling.