Julie wrote:

I found some pills called Klonopin in my sons room.  Do you know if these are popular with teenagers now days?  My son was injured in a football accident about 6 months ago and I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I don’t remember getting him these pills.



Klonopin or “Klonnies” or “Klondike Bars” is a very strong anti-anxiety/anti-seizure medicine that is used to treat a number of disorders.  Its use with teens is on the rise here in the midwest, and is usually not tested for in typical sports and job related drug tests because it is a prescription drug.  Because of that, the cheap price per pill, and the “drunk” feeling it gives the abuser, it is an increasingly popular drug.  It also has a long half-life which means it’ll hang around in the blood stream for awhile.  They are so easy to find, that I’ve even been offered some by total strangers at bars and parties.  I just don’t take pills that aren’t prescribed for me.

Side effects of normal prescribed use are dizziness, confusion, impaired motor skills, and other “drunk-state” type side effects.  The danger of the drug increases if mixed with alcohol because alcohol intensifies the effects of the drug.  It also almost always makes the abuser low dose dependent if they use it long term, which means getting off of the drug will mean experiencing the typical withdrawal symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal.

If you don’t remember getting these for your son, and a football injury isn’t a reason to have these, get them out of the house and confront your son.  Do it in a way that shows concern, not punishment..you don’t want him getting defensive and blowing up/leaving without getting help.  I’d also recommend monitoring who your son is spending time with and where your son is spending his time.  It sounds like the people he is hanging out with are not a good influence.  Take the right steps to make sure your son is safe.  Read the article below for an actual vehicle related incident involving Klonopin.