Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian.

Jenny Q wrote:

Normally Christmas time is a time of happiness and love, but yet, here I sit, writing you a letter at 8:30 in the morning on Christmas Day, asking you for advice.

My relationship with Clay has been up and down over the last year.  he had cheated on me last NYE when we couldn’t spend it together.  I am not talking an innocent kiss type of cheating either, unless guys normally kiss women on the va-jay jay and I’ve just been missing out.  Anyway, we’ve had our troubles and have tried to work past them, but this morning was the absolute end.  Last night we exchanged gifts at my place and I got him a new phone.  He was overjoyed and said he’d only gotten me half of mine tonight, and the rest would be in the morning.  My first half?  A purse.  I have never worn purses, but I guess he wanted me to start.  I thanked him, and after cleaning up, we went to bed.

I woke up this morning to find a card on the couch.  It read, “Thanks for the phone!  I’ve waited all year to do this…We’re through.  Clay.”  I haven’t even begun to feel hurt yet, I am more just really pissed.  We had plans to go over to my parents later today and now I don’t know what to do about that either.  I am sure I’ll be in tears by the time lunch rolls around.

How would you handle this?  Why do you think he’d do this type of thing and be SO cruel? I don’t think I’ve ever been mean or cruel to him.  I was hurt when the cheating happened, but I don’t think I even yelled.  We just talked and cried about things…how could he do this?

Holy crap.  This guy seems to be filled with all sorts of Christmas douchebaggery.  You stated that you’d never been upset or treated him in a cruel manner, and this guy seems to be someone that just took full advantage of that.  Does this jackass have things at your place?  I’d take everything he left, box them up and set them outside with “Merry Christmas” on it, then call him and let him know…sometime after lunch.  Hopefully someone else that really needs those things will come by and remove them before then.  As far as going to your parents, I’d call and let them know what happened and make sure your family knows to not ask you where Clay is, just to avoid any breakdowns.

You deserve better than this Jenny.  Any guy that would take advantage of someone like this AND do it on Christmas is a pretty scummy guy.  Judging that you said it was 8:30 when I got this and I got it at 10:35, I am assuming you’re on the West Coast.  You have all day to make this day better, and I’d make sure no one like this is going to ruin your Christmas.   Make sure you start the New Year off right too.  Keep moving on and work on being more assertive with your needs.  Don’t settle, keep your goals in mind, and you’ll find happiness.

I am sorry your Christmas started off rocky.  I hope the rest of it gets better.  Email me if you need anything else.