Merry Textmas.

I like to send out emails or texts on Christmas Day to everyone I’ve been in contact with over the year.  It’s amazing how many “Who is this?” emails and texts I got back this year.  Now I know I’ve changed my phone number several times in the last four years, but if you’ve talked to me a month ago and are now asking who I am..that’s strange to me.

To every email/text I get back, I explain who I am and usually get an apology and a Merry Christmas, so it works out, but here is what I am asking of you in 2010.  Don’t let people fade from your lives.  True, there will be people that exit your lives that you’ll not want to talk to again, but don’t forget them, just move on.  Everyone you have been in contact with has brought you to where you are today.  As the year wraps up in 2010, and you send out your Merry Christmas texts, and get some of your own, hopefully you can keep the “Who is this?” to a minimum.

I can’t say it enough.  Life is about the connections we make.  They won’t always be groundbreaking, but try to make them positive.

Merry Christmas everyone.


One thought on “Merry Textmas.

  1. I am guilty of the “who is this” text and it was to you! Though you are now saved again in my phone, I have been following your blog and check it every day. So in fact, you are not one of the forgotten. Just wanted to make it clear even though I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that asked that question.
    This Christmas will be my first “single” Christmas and I have been remembered by so many that I thought had forgotten me. I have also witnessed small, but great, acts of kindness this season and am thankful for that. I feel blessed.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year,

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