Bacon is awesome. Or not.

Anh wrote:


I see your point with all of the eating healthy stuff and fitness stuff, but there are foods I just don’t want to cut out of my life.  How do I still eat these foods and continue to strive to be healthy?


Being healthy isn’t a matter of eliminating foods from your diet against your will Anh, it’s about knowing the consequences of eating the unhealthy foods.  In time, as you and your body weight these consequences, you will begin to make healthier decisions on your “quest” of your long term goal to stay fit and healthy.

For example, I used to love Wendy’s Baconator.  L-O-V-E-D it.  Now, that Baconator is 840 calories (460 of them are from fat), 78% fat, 115% saturated fat, 57% cholesterol, and 78% sodium.  Holy Lord, I am surprised I didn’t keel over after the first bite, and yet I ate this paper wrapped fat bomb weekly.  The ONLY redeeming factor was that it was 56 grams of protein, but that protein came at such a high cost. Look at the picture above, see that little gob of white sauce?  I didn’t know what it was.  It could have been mayo, it could have been spreadable lard…I just didn’t care.   Add fries and a Coke to that order and you’re a walking coronary embolism just waiting to happen.

I looked in the mirror last February and didn’t like what I saw.  I knew it was my eating habits that had caused it.  I could go grab a Baconator right now, and yes, it’d probably be delicious, but is it anything my body really needs?  No.  That is why I don’t eat it.  Your body is much like a car..feed it the wrong stuff and it goes haywire, or even dies.  You wouldn’t dump motor oil into your car’s gas tank, so why would you dump a quart of fatty oils into YOUR gas tank?

I haven’t completely changed my eating habits to only grazing on gluten free cardboard and eating spinach paper with water either.  When I go out with friends to the bar, I still have a drink or two, I can eat pizza, burgers, etc., but I do it knowing that in my everyday life, I choose to eat healthy.  Where many people may choose to go out for lunch at work, I bring my own lunch.  It usually consists of a container of low fat yogurt, brown rice or a vegetable, an apple, and some kind of chicken, beef, or ham.  I skip the extra sauces for the meat (I have really found some delicious dry rub seasonings out on the market), and I don’t drink soda in my everyday diet.  My overall caloric intake per day ranges between 1800-2000 calories, including the protein shake before or after the gym.  I don’t feel I have sacrificed anything because I know the consequences of going back to the unhealthy eating habits I had before.

Your goal in your quest to be healthy should be to take care of your body mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Make that your New Year’s Resolution and keep your goal in mind with everything you do.  heck back in 6 months and let me know how it’s going.