Yes, well maybe. Ok, no.

Dv81881 wrote:

I really like this woman and have a growing issue that I need your help with. I have gone on a few dates with this woman and we’ve talked and flirted by phone several times a week, but she is next to impossible to make plans with because she won’t commit to anything. Seeing her is always spur of the moment and our time together is always spread so far apart from the next time. That is IF we actually get together, because she will usually agree to see me, then say like the day before that it might not work, then the day of say that it won’t work. It’s driving me insane.

She says she is afraid to start anything new because of something that happened in her last serious relationship, but it feels like she just doesn’t want to spend time with me.

What do I do?

I say put your foot down. You seem to be letting this woman walk all over you. She told you that she is afraid to start something new, so maybe it’s time you explain your needs to her and let her go take care of fixing herself before spending time with her again.

I get frustrated when people constantly cancel plans or have a habit of flaking out a the last second, so I don’t blame you for stressing out, but there is nothing wrong with telling her how you feel and removing yourself from the situation. Let her figure things out and if she calls again, then great, but if she moves on you won’t be feeling like you wasted time and effort on someone who couldn’t be open and honest enough in the beginning.  Until she calls, you’ll be doing yourself and her a favor by letting her have the space.