Nattie from last May

Wow..just about 10 months later, Nattie wrote in:

I wrote in last May and asked for advice for a situation involving a potentially abusive person I was involved with.  I just want you to know that I’ve managed to free my life of him and his influences, and I have you to thank.  I think you may have saved my life.

Here’s what happened after I read your advice.  I changed my number and moved out of the house I was at.  My roommate understood completely and was supportive of my decision to leave.  Two days after my move, I got a frantic voicemail from my ex-roommate while I was at work.  She said my ex had showed up and trashed the place because she refused to tell him where I was.  He even threw her onto the couch and threatened her.  Luckily, she’d called 911 when he smashed in the door and the operator caught the whole incident.  He eventually went to court and did something like three days in jail.  It was a ridiculous sentence.  Two hours after getting out, he went to my ex-roomie’s place and TRIED TO BURN THE BUILDING DOWN.  My roommate was home and called the police again.  He was again arrested and this time ended up in court, and was convicted of three counts of attempted arson and a few other charges.  He is now in prison.

I just wanted to write you a letter, first, to publicly thank my friend and ex-roommate publicly for being strong for me.  You are a light in my life that I value more than anything.  Secondly, I wanted to thank you for stressing that I get out and disappear from his life.  You provided me with the strength to make the move.  Thank you again.

My life is going much better, and I am single.  I am working on fixing myself, and still reading your blog.  Life is good for me, and I have you and my friend to thank for it.

Thanks Sean.


Nattie, thank you for writing back in.  I am glad I could help.  I had no idea your ex would take things to that extreme, but I am glad that my advice got you out of that situation.  Good to see you’re standing on your own two feet before jumping back into the dating pool..always a wise idea.