Don’t mess around with Jim

Brent T wrote:

Love the blog, but I have a question. Why do you promote going to the gym so much? I just try to stay healthy at home.

Brent T

Excellent question Brent. I feel that going to an actual gym promotes mental discipline and allows less opportunities to just take things easy. You wouldn’t get ready for work, sit in traffic, and get in to work to just leave again would you? So if you got ready for the gym and drove there, you’d want to get your time and money’s worth.

I give 100% at work and I don’t take it easy on myself at the gym either. There are goals I set for each one and I work hard to reach them.

At home, it’s a different situation. It’s relaxing, laid back, and calm. I don’t work out there because I could easily find a million other things to do, but when I am at the gym, I am there for a reason. Make sense?

Thanks for writing!