Bridget wrote:

My boyfriend broke up with me and ended a perfectly good 2 year relationship because I am a liberal.  Do you think this is his real reason?


If anyone would break up with someone over something as minute as political beliefs, they’re a moron.  Republicans as we know them today, aren’t the Republicans that first started the party.  The Democrats are different too.  Times change, and if you honestly believe that your “traditional” (though there can’t be “traditional” when every party has at one point changed sides) political beliefs are a reason to end a 2 year relationship, I would like me to email me your address because I am going to slap your face with a turtle.  Yes, a turtle.  Not of the teenage, mutant, or ninja variety.

My guess is, is that this guy had a pile of other issues (or reasons) that caused him to end a relationship, but instead chose to be a chickenshit and cop out with a stupid excuse, hoping you’d not be smart enough to figure it out.  I guess he was wrong.

You’ll do better than that guy.