Cloudy in disguise pt 2

Dana wrote back today:

You’re right.  I could have called it quits long ago.  There were other things that I didn’t think about until reading your response.  I’d call him sometimes and he wouldn’t answer for hours, then he’d call me back from an unknown number and say his phone was giving him problems…or the time we were supposed to spend the evening at the movies and I waited for an hour after the movie started, only to get a call from him saying he had something at “come up” at work and didn’t get done until 2am.  He’d never been called in to work before, and it just seemed weird.

I guess I had hoped that since he always said he loved spending time with me that he’d be different than the other men I’d dated, but he wasn’t.  I guess I was just fooling myself.    By the way, I confronted him on all of this.  He admitted to the whole thing.  He’d been seeing three different people.  Wow, you know your shit.


I guess I do know my shit Dana, but it’s unfortunate that things had to pan out the way they did.  I don’t know what has happened in your life to make you keep choosing the same type of person, but you’re definitely better off without this person.  These people always get slapped by karma later on anyway.  It’s better that you’re not around to see it.

Anyway, I am glad you are able to see things a little more clearly.  If you’d like to tell me more about your past, maybe we can examine why you’ve made the dating decisions you’ve made.  Until then, I’d recommend some good old fashioned therapy and the conscious effort to work on yourself a little bit further before jumping into the dating pool again.