move past the pain

So I worked out this morning, despite having cracked ribs. I didn’t do anything that would risk further damage to my ribs, but I got in a great workout.

Before you call me crazy, I’d like you to understand that my workout was also a psychological experiment. I wanted to test my physical pain threshold and see if it was possible to work past the pain.

It worked. At first, I felt pain and was scared to make the same movement a second time because it meant more pain. I made the movement again, and again, and again, and each time felt the pain, but knew it was something I was strong enough to work past.

I think the same applies to love and relationships. We get hurt and instead of working through the loss or emotional pain, we let it change who we are. We all experience pain or loss in life and instead of letting that change us, we should remain strong and work past the pain.