just breathe..then move.

I woke up this morning in intense pain.  My ribs and back hurt so much it took my breath away.  I couldn’t even stand up as I got out of bed and ended up crashing to the floor (which hurt even worse).  I eventually made it to my feet and out into the living room to sit down on the couch.

I leaned forward and put my head into my hands as I tried to think of my options for the day.  I figured I could either spend the day on the couch, in pain, miserable, bored, and lazy…or I could muster enough strength to go to the gym, do another workout, clean out my car, and be productive before my daughter came over.  I chose option 2.

I got to the gym and was afraid to feel pain again.  I didn’t want to experience what I did this morning, especially in a gym full of people.  I started my workout and *BOOM* …pain.  Nauseating pain.  My instinct was to stop, but instead, I exhaled and kept on moving.  It worked!  I still felt the pain, but I was able to keep on going.  Bit by bit, the pain decreased and I was able to even run 2 miles at the end.

Sometimes in life, we get so scared of what pain may be ahead that we immediately change course without examining what may actually lie ahead.  If what lies ahead is a positive outcome, we shouldn’t change course..we should just breathe, then move ahead.

In other news, I am able to sit in a chair and blog again.  More updates to come.  Sorry it’s been so long, I had to heal a bit.