Recovering douche

Ryan wrote:

Sean,  I am a recovering douchebag that is having trouble keeping the guy friends I had before because of my change of attitude.  I was the typical douchebag as you put it..super vain, into buying attention from women, and I even drove a Mustang only because I knew girls like Mustangs.

I had my heart broken when I finally let someone in though, and it taught me a lesson.  It showed me that I wasn’t forming meaningful relationships.  It was all “show”…clubs, trips, boat parties, etc.  Nothing was meaningful, it was just about being with hot people at a party. I had a friend from work recommend your site and I started reading.  Now, 8 months later, I can say I’ve left that lifestyle behind.  However, the other friends I had during that time had also adopted the same lifestyle and are not willing to hang out with me unless it’s doing the normal club stuff or things like that.  What do I do?


Ryan,  if these people aren’t willing to hang out with you unless it’s on “their terms”, are they really friends or are they “show” friends from the old lifestyle?  I congratulate you for giving up the superficial lifestyle and realizing that life is about so much more than which club you’ll be at later.  A second congratulations on not driving a Mustang any longer.  Driving a Mustang is like having a full body tramp stamp.  They might as well sell those with a syphillis vaccine and a box of condoms.  

My advice to you is to start making friends at work or evaluating which “friends” of yours are actually friends.  You’ve decided to grow up.  If they want to stay in Neverland, then it’s best you leave them.