So as I lay here in bed, trying to sleep while at the same time dealing with chest pain and the excitement of starting the new job tomorrow, I remembered to tell you that I had a chance to listen to the new album by Angels & Airwaves called “Love”.  There is also a movie out by the same name, and it looks fantastic.

The album itself is amazing.  You can go to the modlife site (just type in modlife and angels and airwaves into Google) and even download the album for free..but I (and I am assuming, they) would like you to chip in something for it.  I paid 6 bucks and it was well worth it.  I haven’t EVER sat through an album and liked every single song I heard, until I listened to “Love.”  It’s emotional, inspiring, and well produced.  I was so inspired that I decided to post this tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow. 

As you listen to the album, keep this bit of advice in mind:  “We go through our daily lives bombarded by politics and commercials telling us what to think and why the things we think are right or wrong.  Isn’t it time we realize that we should stop caring about what other people think and start caring about how other people feel?  When did money ever buy happiness?  When did it become okay to stop caring about your fellow human beings?  Which came first, people or money?  It’s not too late to start caring about life again.  Your life AND those around you.”