Dara’s discussion

Dara wrote:


I really think you’re a great guy for having this site, but I have a personal question for you.  You seem to have a good head on your  shoulders, so why are you still single?


Good question Dara.  In fact, I get asked that question on a regular basis, so I’ll tell you exactly what I explain to everyone else that asks.

I am single because the pegs haven’t fallen in the right place for me to have a relationship yet.  I’ve dated women since last February and I’ve found myself wanting a relationship at times, but things haven’t worked out.   I don’t know if I can even figure out who’s fault it was that things didn’t work, but at this point, it doesn’t even matter. 

I am happy with myself and my life for the first time in quite some time, so I am enjoying that.  If love finds a way back into my life again, then great.  This time, I think I’ll be ready.  Until then, I’ll just keep enjoying the way things are going.