I don”t know why I titled this post butternuts.  It was just the first thing that came to mind.


I really like your musical tastes.  Where do you find your music?

I am not telling.  There is only one person that know where I find all my music, and I hope to keep it that way.  Don’t worry though, I’ll share my music..just not the source.



Dre’s letter

Dre wrote:

My friend recommended this site because she and I had an arguement over the fact that she thinks I am materialistic because I say I deserve to be treated like a princess.  By that, I mean men should expect to buy me things if they want to spend time with me.  I am in no mood to settle for anything less than what I deserve, and since my job doesn’t pay me enough, I think the people I date should pay for the finer things for me if they feel they’re good enough to deserve my attention.

I read your blog though and I don’t get it.  There isn’t one thing here that validates my arguement.  You seem like another poor sap who puts more emphasis on hippie crap than on getting what you deserve in life.

I am not coming down on you or anything, I’m just saying..



Maybe you aren’t at a job that pays you well enough to make a living on your own because you feel you deserve everything.  The only thing you deserve is to be treated with respect if you treat others with respect.  It appears, however, that you can’t even treat yourself with respect, let alone others, so I’m just going to let you have it.

1.  Argument doesn’t have an “e”.  Maybe you’d get paid better if you’d taken enough time in school to pry yourself away from texting on your cell phone to learn to spell. 

2.  People shouldn’t have to pay to spend time with someone.  That’s prostitution.  You may not be having sex with them, but you’re selling your time.  Escorts do it and make ten times what you’re getting.  You aren’t setting a new trend, prostitution is one of the oldest professions around.

3.  You (or I) don’t deserve things in our jobs that we don’t work for.  You can’t just go to work, file your nails and IM your sister for 8 hours and expect a promotion..life doesn’t work like that.  God help us all if it did.

4.  I place value in the goodness of life.  If that makes me a hippie in your eyes, then fine..just know I hate the Eagles and I am not a huge fan og the Grateful Dead either.  See?  The hippies hate me now too.  I think life is more about the people we come into contact with, the relationships we make, and the memories we share than it is about a paycheck, or in your case, a DVD player in exchange for 5 minutes with you.