Like a baby..

Tatum wrote:

I have a weird issue. I have been seeing this guy for almost two months and everything was going until our first argument. It was over something stupid, but how he reacted REALLY turned me off. He literally threw a tantrum. Here we were at the grocery store, and he is yelling like a two year old, throwing things off the shelf and stomping his feet. Ridiculuous.

I gave him one mistake and let it go, but he’s done it twice since then. I am beginning to lose my patience and think it’s time to let him go. Do you agree?


Yes Tatum, I agree. I often don’t say this, but some people don’t deserve to be in a relationship. This guy needs to grow up, seek therapy, and get on with an adult life. If there are any other people out there that think slamming doors, knocking things around, and throwing fits is an adult way to settle a disagreement, you need to grow the hell up too. Somewhere along the line we all need to be adults.