Scars and broken hearts

“Scars and scared” wrote:

I have been following your blog for some time now and I just wanted to get your opinion on something that happened to me recently. I was dating this woman for about a month and she-out of the blue-broke up with me because she saw this scar I have on my back from a spinal surgery I had when young. Her reason for breaking up with me?

People with health issues scare her.

We talked for a bit and she said that she doesn’t date anyone that has ever had any issues, no scars, no broken bones, and no serious illnesses. She says she wants to find someone who will be perfect to have children with-and I guess it’s not me.

I read the flaws article and it was similar. It appears, that there are more and more people like this out there. Has dating really come down to this?

“Scars and scared”

Well S.A.S,

I personally have a few scars (as I said in a previous post, I am accident prone), and I’d be pissed if someone turned me down for something as trivial as a scar. I dated someone once that was “grossed out” by one of my scars from a wrist surgery and made me wear watches or long sleeves. I haven’t worn a watch on that wrist since we broke up.

Everyone gets sick. Everyone gets a scar. It’s part of life. What’s she going to do it she has to have a c-section someday?

This is one person you are better off not being with. There are women out there that think scars are badass. Find one of them and enjoy your scar to it’s fullest.