Neptune Road

Neptune Road, in East Boston was once an oak tree-lined commonwealth that led to Wood Island Park. It was full of beautiful three story houses, and the sound of children laughing and playing could be heard daily.

The Boston Airport Authority expanded in 1969, however, and began demolishing houses and cutting down trees in an attempt to lengthen a runway or two. By the 1980’s, the sound of low flying jets had driven away most of the original residents and more homes were demolished to make way for low income housing and storage warehouses. In 2009, the last house on Neptune Road was demolished and the once-flourishing neighborhood was gone forever.

Sometimes, when we lose sight of what matters, our relationships can turn out like Neptune Road. We start off with the best of intentions, we’re excited, and everything is beautiful and new. As time passes however, things lose their luster and begin to fall apart. What was once an exciting and new fascinating fire of love is now a smoldering pile of ash and rubble. Sometimes, it’s inevitable..but not always.

We often overlook the small details in our relationships in favor of making progress, much like the Boston Airport Authority did when they looked at expanding. They didn’t take into account the families that had grown to love that neighborhood and the ramifications that expansion would have upon them. They may have just seen (and apparently DID see) it as an eminent domain issue. They wanted progress at any cost.

If we are always focused on what’s next in our relationships, we will end up enjoying everything that happens in the present. We stop enjoying the wonderment of being in love, we pass up the feeling of being happy with where we’re at, and we lose sight of what’s important.

I am not saying that expansion is wrong, nor is looking at the future in a relationship..but if you look TOO hard, you will lose sight of what matters. Ask the former residents of Neptune Road. I think they’d agree.


Black one.

Olivia and I were talking about how long a President can stay in office and she started asking how long specific Presidents have been in office.

Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, then suddenly Roosevelt. I told her there were two Roosevelts in office and she said, “Oh, then how long was the black one in?”

I chuckled, “There wasn’t a black President before Obama. There should have been, there just wasn’t.”

“Oh,” she said. “I just thought there was a black one.”