Plydaddy214 wrote:

I totally disagree with your last post.  If it wasn’t for makeup, mankind would have died off centuries ago.

On a different note though, I am writing for some advice.  I was wondering how to let my parents know I got secretly married.  They would never approve of the women I date, and after meeting my (now) wife, they even forbid me to see her.  I am 19, and can make up my own I went ahead and married her.

They’ve become suspicious lately, and I’d like to tell them.  What do you recommend?


Well PD,

I personally think your aprents were right.  I don’t know what type of women you typically date, but if I’d married any woman I dated when I was 19, I’d be dead by now. 

You also didn’t mention anything about loving this woman, which makes me think you did this to spite your parents.  Not a good plan.  If you loved her, you’d have mentioned that somewhere in your initial email..yes, love is a powerful thing.  Without it, you’re lost.

Be honest with your parents and let them know what you did.  Try to make things work, but only if you love this woman and can really see yourself being with her forever.  If not, you have some unwinding to do on that giant ball of yarn you call your life.