Don’t think about direction..

I thought the header (lyrics from an REM song) fit this email well..

Red wrote:

Where do you stand politically?  With all of this political turmoil, I’d like to know what YOU believe in.  Personally I am a Tea Party person myself..


Good question Red.  Typically I don’t really get into politics, but I see so many people out there confusing religious beliefs with governmental expectations and I can’t help but to be frustrated by that.  Church and state are separated for a reason.  My religious beliefs aside (we’ll get into that some other time), I feel that I hover somewhere in the middle.  I think the far-right (Tea Party included) has the makings of pre-WWII Germany Nazi beginnings.  They all believed in the same things..look it up.  Scary. As far as the far left is concerned (Socialism), I think it’s basically flawed.  John Locke’s ideas were great, but it’s essentially too vague to follow.  If everything is always shared, how do we account for greed and ambition?  We can’t.

So rather than swaying from one side to the other,  I have a history of supporting ideas and groups that will do the most good for the largest number of people.  I also look at human rights when making those decisions and then go from there.  Do I feel homosexuals should be able to legally marry?  Yeah.  Get benefits for their spouses?  Yeah.  Do I want Christianity as a national religion?  No.  Do I think businesses have too much control of the government?  Yeah.  Do I feel that we as citizens need to help our fellow man/woman?  Yeah.  Do I feel there is governmental waste?  Yeah.  Do I hate taxes?  Absolutely not.  I understand them.  You don’t fix roads and improve schools with just positive thinking.

I hope that answers your question.  If any of you are now pissed.  Fire away.  I’ll gladly engage in a friendly debate.