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CRob wrote:

I am coming in to Minneapolis on a business trip and have lined up a date with a man who says he lives in Downtown Minneapolis.  I have two questions:

1.  What good places can you recommend in Downtown Minneapolis to eat and drink?

2.  Any chance if he isn’t what I am expecting, you’ll want to meet up with a blog fan (me)?


Well CRob,

1.  Besides the chain places, there are only a handful of bar/restaurants I’d recommend in the downtown Minneapolis area.  Seven, Pizza Luce, Gluek’s, Origami, and Kieran’s are a few.  I don’t really like Downtown Minneapolis as far as a place to hang out.  It’s a little too “Unh tiss unh tiss unh tiss” (clubby), and not enough relaxed places to just go and drink.  Couple that with traffic issues on Friday and Saturday nights, the overabundance of revealed underwear (thong or boxers..take your pick), and the “I’m in the armpit of Minneapolis” feel and it loses it’s thrill somewhere around the age of 23.  If you’re 23 though, go for it..have fun.

2.  No.  I don’t play sloppy seconds.  Sorry.



One thought on “CRob writes in..

  1. THE LOCAL, DAMNIT!! That place is awesome, not clubby, great food, and BIG GINGERS!! 🙂 Also, The Dakota… a little more spendy, but relaxed and laid back, with good (usually) music.

    Don’t hate on the southern part of downtown! 😉 Even Hell’s Kitchen has good ambiance, even if their food sort of sucks.

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