NOT the best a man can get..

So I hate Gillette shave gel.  I bought some the other day because it was on sale and it actually looked “NEW AND IMPROVED” even though it didn’t really say that.  I tried it this morning and felt like ripping my face off and growing a new one would have been more comfortable.  Gillette should change their slogan from “The best a man can get..” to “Hey, Tiger got all those slutty chicks with this..”.  Awful.

What’s not awful is that I ate poutine last night and loved it.  If you don’t know what poutine is, it’s NOT some kind of sexual slang…it’s food.  Disgustingly unhealthy food that also happens to be delicious.  I consider myself a relatively healthy eater, but this stuff was an orgy of guilt-free enjoyment with every bite.  You may be wondering what it is by now, and I’ll fill you in.  Poutine originated in Quebec as I have been told, and consists of a plate of french fries topped with cheese curds (not the damn fried ones..the REAL ones), then topped with gravy.  GRAVY.  It looks like a dirty diaper on a plate, but is awesome.  Here’s a pic.  Not THE pic of the one I had, but it looks basically the same.  See?  French people are good for something after all.  Thanks guys.

Possible side effects of consumption: Enjoyment and instant death.