Syrup anyone?

Dan D wrote:

I have been dating a girl for a few weeks and we’ve taken things slow.  We finally got past just the kissing stage last night and I discovered she has “pancake boobs”.  I am sure you know what those are.  It’s a huge turnoff and has totally grossed me out.  What do I do?

Dan D

For the sake of the readers that have no idea what pancake boobs are, I’ll first break it down.  Pancake boobs are boobs (busty women or not) that when the bra is removed, become completely flat against the chest, almost as if two large pancakes are not resting where breasts once were.  How do you tell if you have pancake boobs?  Look at yourself standing up.  If it looks like you’re holding two nipple covered frisbees where your breasts were, you carry the curse.  It’s not all bad though.  Only some guys find it a turn off.

I can understand your frustration Dan, but I think there is much more to a woman than her breasts.  What else do you find attractive about her?  If there really was nothing else, congratulations, you’re a dick.  Move on.  If there are other things, take stock of the other things and see if they all outweigh the breakfast boobs.  They should.